First Contact

I read language is inherent to the one whom applies it.
Orally or written it can follow grammatical rules and academics often told me to follow these rules which inhibited me in my writing and ultimately held me back.

Whilst I respect the fact that one needs to be understood, I fail to see the relevance of these rules as long as you achieve your ultimate goal: express an idea, opinion or state simple facts. In simple words: establish communication with another human being.

Depending on the purpose of this communication, the clearer the communicant is, the clearer the information is received, therefore a set of rules understood and accepted by all can make sense.

However are rules not made to be broken? In order for new ideas to emerge or languages and civilisations to evolve, flexibility and boldness need to be undertaken.
When I write or speak, I express myself, when I express myself I show my personality.
This expression of myself is like a code, an equation making me unique.

But again what is the point of being unique and original if no one gets me?

See what I'm saying?

All this babbling to come down to my real agenda. As a foreigner, English is not my first language, and I will make some cock-up at times, say some stuff that seems alien to you or even alienating. Nevertheless I want to contribute and bring my stone to the edifice of language and society and it is unapologetically that I will take all liberties to share my opinions and ideas with you.


Caro Gomez