Ageing or not, we can't hide!

My daughter celebrated her 8th birthday on Friday and we made such a big deal out of it.

Why is that? To me, it always seemed to me that age is just a number.

I can understand the acknowledgment of our kids development “now I’m 8 I can do that!” but given the effervescence we allocate to the event it has to be more than that.

Is it the morbid celebration of survival that we celebrate?

After further reflection the idea of stepping-stones kept knocking on my mind! That’s it, now that I’m 35 I’m sure I’ll never be a professional sportsman, I grew too old, some of my dreams have been shattered!

Unlike my daughter who turned 8; She can go to bed a bit later, can read, write and can still hope that one day she’ll develop super power or discover she is adopted and is the only remaining living heiress of King Salomon (I’m fine with that, having been doing a decent job with her I believe she would give me a bit of this gold and keep me as a legal guardian).

I’ve survived through the age already, at around 20 I came to the realisation that I’ll never fly, be invisible or make fireballs with my hands.

At 33 (Age of when Jesus officially died which I call the Jesus Complex) I finally accepted that I was not immortal. From this moment I developed an acute ‘hypochondriacism’, and I feared the worst every time I had a cold or an ache. Over a period of one year I was certain I successively had Cirrhosis, Kidney failure, Colon Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack to finally be diagnosed with a mild bowel irritation and an aversion for stress (Don’t ever diagnose yourself from the Internet).

So yes age count, the painful truth is that we are all getting older and nothing can stop that. We might as well embrace and enjoy it.

We are getting wiser, more knowledgeable, we are independent, we are getting more respected amongst our peers (hopefully) and if we’re lucky we get to see our children grow, the trace of our passage here, the continuity of our lineage, a look into eternity. If we don’t fuck it up ( but this is another story…).

Caro Gomez