Free Willy …hmm… I mean Julian

If I understand well, Julian Assange has hacked governments’ database and leaked ‘private information’ to the press.

By delivering supposedly top secret information and has angered the almighty USA. The reality is it divulged embarrassing facts.

In the following months of Weakileaks revelations, allegations of sexual abuse were made against him (events which may or may not have occured, I’m not taking position on this).

Fearing to be deported to the US if he presented himself to the Swedish court (as the complaints are from Sweden) he took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he is still deprived from his freedom.

Don’t get me wrong, in his Ivory tower he is probably better served than Mandela was in Robben Island but still destitute of his basic rights. He cannot see his love ones, stroll down the streets or catch up with his favourite shows…

In the meantime, in a terrible attempt to sway the public opinion, a set of two propagandist films are released. They depict him as a villain, a criminal who has no regard for law and order or a weird maniac. I was neither convinced by the stance on the character or the artistic choices from the directors.

Several years later, the UN makes a public announcement in which it backs up Assange. At the time of the leaks the press itself (serious newspapers such as The times, Le Monde, El Pais, Die Welt) did already announce that they measured the impact of the leaks and decided to publish them as they considered them harmless and of informative nature.

For Leaks only damaging a government reputation, a victimless ‘crime’, a man is being held hostage for many years. This man has revealed atrocious information, information that the general public has the right to know.

He exposed baffling behaviours flouting our human rights! Fabricating proofs to justify a war, phone tapping or torture just to name a few.

Have we not the right to decide the greater good instead of patronising governments?

We have a right to know when our freedom is in danger; this man and Snowden are heroes!

The US inteligencia is really upset because they look like fools and cannot operate in total impunity. They are the criminals and the world knows.

In an élan of clairvoyance I tackled the whale in the room and I decided it would be ideal if the UN and all international instances, as plaintiffs exist, could guarantee a fair trial to be held in Sweden, and judge the case on its own merit (but it is not up to me).

Caro Gomez