I Had a Dream

Literally I dreamt I told the world Capitalism was a redundant system. An archaic philosophy. More precisely a system based on money would always lead to inequalities of some sort.

For too long we have been encouraging personal gain over collective, but this ideology endorsed by capitalism is an auto-destruction button.

Banks labeled “too big to fail”, “evil” corporations like Monsanto, Petrol companies...

As it is well explained on the exquisite film “The Big Short” banks created the economical chaos in 2008. After being under the radar for a few years, stories of similar schemes and indecent bonus paid reappear. As I mentioned in one of my earlier blog, what do bankers bring onto the big picture of existence? (And I put other greedy corporates in the same basket)


Can I eat money?


Can I breath money?


Are my walls sheltering me made of money?


Is money a basic human need?

Sadly yes because our societies are built on the misconstrued belief than money is the only base of exchange for all the above.

Once I asked my wife what we needed first to built a spaceship, Money or men?

Her answer amazed me as she answered money!

There wouldn’t be money or god if there were no men in the first place (FFS)!!!

Can we build a spaceship without money?

100% yes!

We need raw material, smart men to design it and skillful men to assemble it.

Can we eat without money?

Yes! We can still grow food.

I won’t mention the air that we are on the verge to pay for or the shelter as I think you get my point now.

It leads to the undeniable conclusion: We are parasites to our environment. Seriously what species in its right mind would knowingly (not consciously although I wonder ?) endanger itself.

For greed, ambition and lack of compassion we are destroying the world we live in: Ravaging Forest conduce to a lack of Oxygen, Petrol CO2 emission lead to global warming and destruction of the ozone layer, petrol in our water, pesticides in our food…

Don’t get me started on Poverty? 1% of population could solve poverty. How insane is that?

Philanthropists Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg (and I probably omit a few) are a rare breed but are examples that common sense and wealth can cohabit in people’s mind.

And our dear elected governments in all that? Today you see people like Trump, Sarkozy, LePen, Cameron , Boris Johnson emerge as contenders to the most important function of our “democratic system”. They don’t fool the majority anymore. Most of us know that we are confronted to an “oligarchy”, and these people are political fronts for corporatism.

To each election in France or UK almost 40% of people don’t vote (and not counting blank votes) where is the legitimacy into that?

Worryingly these spineless people still get elected.

I wonder if people like Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders or Olivier Besancenot are sincere and would improve our societies but the ideologies they “sell” is a step into the right direction and people adhering to these ideologies are people demonstrating empathy and show desire for improvement as a society not as individual.

Self destruction is on the path we are on and the emergence and support for the aforementioned ideologies are encouraging and a glimmer of hope.

How can we change a system when it often seems the machine is too big? With greedy people at the top and underneath people starving for the crumbs.

We have the chance to live in countries where you can share your opinion on any matter andREVOLUTIONISE our “mode de vie” by VOTING.

In a world when you often just feel like an expandable number

I am begging for a change.

And you?

Caro Gomez