She's Fresh She's so Fresh

With my wife we always have interesting conversations. The bad thing is, she like to start them when I am in the toilet.

“Are you almost done” she says

“nope” is my most common answer 

“ Imagine those bastard who colonised us” she asks me

A bit of background. She is from El Salvador in Central America, she is very attached to her indigenous roots. 

“ Proper genocide” I answer whilst concentrating on my duty.

“ How dare they come and destroy my civilisation”

Quick I need something that is going to make her stop

“That’s why I chose you, to make amend for my ancestors”

“I’m serious, you’re an Arsehole” and she leaves

I know this conversation is not over but I can peacefully finish what I started. 


After thirteen years together we still speak about everything. Not always at the most convenient places or at most convenient times but that is not the point, the point is we feel we can communicate, reach out whenever and wherever we want. 

With two careers to manage, two kids and two large egos. This is priceless as life can be tough, time can be scarce. It also probably saves us hours of therapy. 


She is a fashion designer, a photographer, a website designer, a marketing/social media guru, a multiple business owner, a mum, a partner and she still get some time to sleep.

It is hard to follow her sometimes and sometimes we fight but it is impossible not to be impressed by her. She is a bulldozer-rollercoaster.

Her determination and her willingness to always aim higher has opened my eyes to a bigger world, a world of possibilities. She has helped me rediscover some magic in the world. Rekindle with the sense of wonder when I was a kid. Magic that disappear when we grow up as we take things for granted or give up endless possibilities.

Because after all, even if we try to be as pragmatic as possible, and listen all the scientific evidence, no one has cracked why consciousness emerged. The fact that we breath, experience colours, smells, feel the wind on our faces, feel the sun warming our skin and LOVE.


It is her Birthday today and she is going to get up, acknowledge it with a birthday song, get up and go catch her dream. She has my unconditional support and I have hers. What we have is Magic. I Love You! 

Cedric Aubert