Will I be one day a pension schemer?

Today I received a pension letter from Aviva (not advertising for them, I find them neither bad or good they’re making money with my money like any other pension scheme provider and I cannot cash in until I die or I’m almost dead)

It got me startled, being an average incomer I’m unable to spare much and it makes me wonder what is going to happen when I’m 60+? With a small pension and haven’t been capable to climb on the property ladder I will spend much of my small allotment into rent.

Is it a worry? Not really as I'm worryingly not a worrier. But then I see David Cameron and his smug face. When he is talking the only thing I can hear is “ I’m posh, I’m loaded, I went to an expensive school being from a privileged background. You’re future? Don’t get me wrong but if you’re on the wrong side of the wealth fence, weelll (emphasising on the well) … I don’t give a shit. We are in a capitalist society and my focus is to make my rich friends richer…”.

I realise David Cameron is my guinea pig (knowing his affection for the porcine race I bet he’d like the analogy), he is himself a by-product of a society that we are too lenient with, I could name hundreds of capitalists assholes, rotten politician (Trump, Sarkozy, Bush, Maddof, Kerviel,..).

Are we too afraid to contest this economical con or are we just comfy enough in our sofas so we accept being enslaved?

When banks fuck up, we bail them out. If I fuck up, I pay the price.

What do these people do to improve people’s life? Or am I mistaken into thinking this is their job?

What do these people do to justify a better quality of life? By better quality of life I mean better education, better healthcare, more access to leisure, better food, better wine, better seat in transport…

How can we justify that a human being is treated superiorly to another in the first place?

Some people actually change people lives on a daily basis and they can’t afford a proper house or healthcare or education.

I think about charity work people, educators, teachers, nurses…

I think about my judo teacher, a mum of four whom is a mentor for tens of kids and she cannot afford a decent house. This incredible person has literally changed the life of many kids with her passion and dedication into transmitting values such as respect, hard work and all sorts of skills. She deserves the best in return for her contribution to society, there is not enough action taken toward rewarding such person.

I also have in mind the tube person who says “Hi” every morning with such enthusiasm; she raises people spirits and adds some colour in a shady and cynical world.

Such people are unsung heroes; they show exemplarity on a daily basis. If anyone deserves to be at the top of our social pyramid, it is them.

The banker is a wanker is my mantra for many years now, and I know it is not him or any politician who will improve the world in which we live in. What is their purpose then?

Caro Gomez